I am perversely disappointed that I did not have to wait in line to vote. ^_^

(It’s the advantage of being free to wander in at 10 a.m. Sadly, it is also the advantage of living in an affluent area. That latter point is one that really needs fixing; being poor has enough problems, without also meaning you have to stand in line for six hours due to insufficient voting equipment.)

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  1. janni

    I voted around 7, even though I thought of waiting until the work crowd had a chance, and found myself oddly glad to get the chance to wait in line–was kind of fun. (But then, it was a short line–only about a half hour.)

  2. booniecat

    I went in about 4:15 or so…right when I would have thought the working masses would be out, but I did not have a line. I was a little sad, I think that voting is a privilege and responsibility that too many Americans don’t appreciate.

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