Project Rooftop

This is old, but I just came across it last night, and since apparently Project Runway just had its finale, the timing is appropriate. Seems that a group of people (backed by Zeus Comics in Dallas) organized a contest to redesign Wonder Woman’s costume, inviting artists to submit images showcasing their ideas.

Each one has commentary from the judges, including Gail Simone, who has gotten a fair bit of respect for the work she’s done on the title. What I like about reading the comments is seeing the kinds of considerations the judges keep in mind, which range all over the board. Quality of the art, reproducibility for comic-book use, classical style, use of Wonder Woman icons and motifs, but also things like whether any real woman could move in the outfit without being chafed or eviscerated by her own clothing. And they’re broad-minded; they give props to a number of designs that aren’t remotely appropriate for standard-issue Wonder Woman, but would be great for an Elseworlds or historical or manga-style character, or one of the side characters from the series.

The closest I’ve come to reading a Wonder Woman comic is seeing her in Kingdom Come, since I’m not so much with the superhero titles. But I found this fun to look over nonetheless.

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  1. drydem

    My personal favorite
    But then, it’s always been my opinion that Promethea is really just the most awesome Elseworlds Wonder Woman ever.

  2. cathschaffstump

    Thank you. That was a great link.


  3. lady_puck9999

    If you look around Project Rooftop, their are some FABULOUS reimaginings of superheroes.

    Also, I love the Elfquest user pic.

  4. jesterjoker

    Upon reading four Birds of Prey volumes, I’m following Simone to her Wonder Woman run. :>

    Very cool. The historical and manga ones are my favorites.

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