It’s raining right now.

Like, actual water falling from the sky.

. . . I now live in a place where this is an event worthy of comment.

In other words, winter is coming — but not George R. R. Martin oh my god the Others are going to come over the Wall and kill everybody winter; just Bay Area “okay, time for the year’s precipitation” winter. I’m living in wet season/dry season territory now, and this is the first rain I’ve seen since moving here.

In totally unrelated news, Monster House is kind of an awesome movie.

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  1. eclectician

    Screw you. Where I live I’ve been collecting the dog’s hair all summer to make into a blanket and canning fruit so I can barricade my door when the cold comes and sharpening my knives to use on the Others and my cellar is full of firewood.

    You’re not in Boston for Thanksgiving, by any chance?

  2. mirrorred_star


    Here, rain is like, ‘Yay, rain to fill up the water catchments… but I wish it wasn’t so cold.’

    • Marie Brennan

      I didn’t go out in it, but the night was fairly pleasant before it started raining — not warm, exactly, but not too cold either.

  3. wadam

    Hm … I seem to remember a lot of rain all year round when I lived in the Bay Area. But perhaps I was a bit further North than you.

    • Marie Brennan

      SF might actually get rain in the summer. Certainly they get a lot more fog than we do.

      • raisinfish

        In Northern California, rain is a winter thing. I grew up there, and some winters it rained for months on end. Throws me off now that I live in Utah, and rain is a summer thing. Today it’s apparently a fall thing, but my internal season-meter thinks it’s January.

    • mindstalk

      Whereas my memories say “rain in October? That’s 2-3 months early for California”. Actually for San Francisco in particular I think October is supposed to be the hot season, along with May. Temperatures regularly in the 70s or even 80s and such. Unless it was September, but I think it was October.

      Hmm, climate charts I find don’t agree with me (nor with each other), though one shows May, June, Sep, and Oct as being sunnier than July/August, which might help. One thing I recall was that 4th of July was always foggy, so the official fireworks just make the fog glow; radio station KFOG runs fireworks in May, when the weather is clear.

      Other SF weather memories: walking from the fog and clouds at the south end of the Golden Gate bridge to the southern California conditions of the norther end. This is like 1.5 miles. And spending a weekend in the south Bay for the Gilroy Garlic Festival, getting lots of 80 degrees and sunshine, then being driven home… and it became cloudy overhead pretty much right as we crossed the city border from Daly City to San Francisco.

  4. thespisgeoff

    Well, that’s good – if it were a George R.R. Martin oh my god winter is coming, it would take ten years, everyone would die, and you’d be left in the lurch just as the leaves were turning.

  5. mrissa

    My experience of the Bay Area (Concord and Hayward, plus visiting friends all over) was that there were two seasons in a year, Dry and Damp.

    You’re now entering Damp.

  6. d_c_m

    In totally unrelated news, Monster House is kind of an awesome movie.
    I liked it myself.

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