best spam header evar

According to one “Redepenning Chiver,” he (or she? or it?) has a message for me re: “Crime-fighting cat now trying therapy.”

. . . anybody inspired to turn that into a story has my blessing.

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  1. kendokamel

    That is definitely some awesome spam. 😀

  2. time_shark

    The question on my mind is: is the caped-crusading kitty receiving the therapy, or administering it to others?

  3. spiral_galaxyrl

    This is 100% off topic, but did you know that MNC got a review in Fortean Times? That’s one of my favorite ‘fun’ magazines, and they only recently started reviewing genre lit. Congratulations on getting out to a slightly weirder audience!

    • Marie Brennan

      No, I didn’t know! Is that in a print issue? I don’t see it on their website.

      • spiral_galaxyrl

        Yeah, it’s in the Sept. 2008 issue, p. 63. Fortean usually has a pretty big disconnect between their online stuff and their print material.

        I’m almost done with the issue. If you want you could email me a mailing address and I could send it along to you. I know how much I enjoy seeing my name in dead-tree print–it’s always a bit of a thrill. Besides, you’ll probably enjoy the magazine as a whole; Fortean is a whole ton of fun and I always imagine it to be a goldmine of odd phenomena for authors.

        My email address is karen.burnham[at], if you’re interested.

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