a heads-up for my friends back in the midwest

Indiana is currently polling close enough that it could, in fact, flip blue this year — helped along by the fact that McCain apparently is not operating any campaign offices there. So if you’re accustomed to thinking you live in a red state and your Democratic vote would make no difference, think again. Register, vote, get other people to do the same.

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  1. chrisondra

    Seconded. The only way to change a state to the color you want is to register, get out, and vote.

    Of course, it does help when the Republicans has a Senile – Dumbass ticket. ::cough::

  2. brigidsblest

    I live in Indiana (just across the border from Chicago), and I’m registered and have voted Democrat all my life.

  3. ninja_turbo

    I would be soo jazzed if Indiana went blue this election. I’m registered and will probably be voting early.

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