post-novel blech

I sent off a draft of In Ashes Lie to my editor yesterday, and within a few hours had succumbed to the bug I think I’ve been fighting off for a few days. I strongly suspect a connection.

So today is a day of being the laziest lump I can manage to be. (Which is harder than you might think, unless you have my sense of guilt masquerading as a work ethic.) Ergo, I will recruit help from you, the internets, and hop on a meme while I’m at it:

Ask me a question!

Writing-related or not, though I won’t, of course, give spoilers for unpublished work. Comments are screened; I’ll answer the questions in later posts. Ask away, and we’ll see if I can marshal enough brain cells to give coherent replies.

In the meantime, I’m going to go contemplate eating a waffle, and find a book to collapse with.

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  1. kendokamel

    How easy/difficult was it to score arrange “special” tours when you were on your research trip in England? Did you have to get a letter from your publisher, or was, “I’m writing a novel!” sufficient?

  2. raisinfish

    I have a couple.

    What is your absolute favorite thing about being a writer, and what is your absolute least favorite thing about it?

    If you could redo one thing about your career, what would it be?

  3. ninja_turbo

    What’s your daily/weekly routine like now out in the Land of Sunshine and Magic?

    Sub-question: What are you doing to keep your idea inputs levels where you want them?

  4. celestineangel

    I don’t think this is really asking for a spoiler, but if it is (or if you’ve heard this question waaaay too much and are sick of it) you don’t have to answer:

    Will you be writing any more books in the world of Warrior and Witch?

    (I love those books, I really do, and the characters, and I’d love to see more about how the witches have to rebuild their society around this new truth.)

  5. unforth

    I meant to ask this on your post soliciting questions related to Midnight Never Come (and I mentioned it to you in person!) – what were the challenges associated with writing from the point of view of Elizabeth? What prompted you to decide to use that perspective? What concerns did you wrestle with? That kind of thing. Feel free to rephrase these questions. 🙂

  6. cheshyre

    What’s the most bizarre or implausible historical tidbit you found in your research, and were you able to incorporate it into your fiction, or not?

  7. cheshyre


    Tried to send this as email (to but it bounced…

    I went to Faeriecon in Philly today.

    Were you aware that the gift bag (which every attendee, guest and exhibitor receives upon admission) includes a copy of “Midnight Never Come”?

    Just thought you ought to know, in case whoever arranges these deals didn’t inform the author.

    Turns out artist Kinuko Craft really admires Queen Elizabeth (at least two paintings of her that I’ve seen) so I talked up your book a bit…

    [Since I already own a copy of the book, I’ll probably donate the new one to the local public library…]

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