apropos of that mountain metaphor

It’s the sixteenth; that means I be blogging. Head on over to SF Novelists for my post “Apprentice, Journeyman, Master,” wherein I talk about watershed moments in one’s progress as an artist. (Or really anything else that involves a lifetime acquisition of skill.)

I won’t disable comments here, but if you’ve got anything to say, I encourage you to head over and say it there. (If you’re new to commenting on SF Novelists, it will take a little while for it to appear, while we fish it out of the moderation queue.)

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  1. orientalflower

    Hi Marie. I just finished reading Warrior & Witch and swung by your website to see if Midnight Never Come had been published yet. I’m a huge Elizabethan/Tudor fiction fan and, having enjoyed W&W, I’m really looking forward to Midnight after reading the excerpt at the back of my copy of Witch. Saw that you had an LJ and added you as friend. Hope to get to know your experience as a published author here. Joanne

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