Well, that was bloody stupid.

On the bright side, I almost have a complete novel.

6647 words tonight. I’m too sick of sitting at the computer to look up whether that beats the giant marathon I did at the end of MNC. I’m closer to the end than I was then, though; all I still have to write is the epilogue.

And a half-finished scene I glossed over because I’m still not sure what bit of folklore to stick in there. I think we may cut that out for now, and put it back in if I find something appropriate. (Because I have a long-standing habit of insisting that I cannot declare a novel done until it has no holes in it. And I want to write the epilogue last.)

Anyway. Bedtime came and went hours ago. Time for me to do the same.

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  1. celestineangel

    I adore your writing progress posts. I just thought I’d say that, since I don’t think I’ve commented on any of your progress posts before.

    (I also not-so-secretly love how you seem to enjoy fictional death and destruction as much as I do… >.> I once had a friend tell me I would be a very bad god.)

    Congrats on having an almost complete novel! I will definitely be looking for it on bookstore shelves in the future!

    • Marie Brennan

      For years now I’ve had a vague story idea floating around my head called “Unworthy Gods.” 🙂

      I’m glad to know people enjoy the progress posts. I make them because public accountability helps me keep moving, but it’s easy to believe they would be dead boring for everyone else.

      • celestineangel

        😀 Write it! Write it! (Or as my friends and I say when we’re egging each other one to do something crazy: “DO EET!”)

        They could be boring. If written by someone less talented, with less humor. ;o)

  2. gollumgollum

    See, i told you that you just had to hit it with a big stick! *grin*

    Srsly, though, congratulations.

    • Marie Brennan

      Honestly, you telling me to read you that entry was probably the single most useful thing either of us said all evening. You’ll see when you read it.

      • gollumgollum


        And i’m glad *something* useful came out of the evening. Between lack of sleep, spending several hours pretending to be (a very exhausting) someone else, and the cider in my belly, i was feeling teh dum. So hooray, usefulnesses!

  3. sapphohestia

    Congrats! Though sleep is important. Make sure to get plenty of it!

  4. kurayami_hime

    Was it the sandwich, the back rub, or Rammstein?

    Regardless, otsukare~

    • Marie Brennan

      All of those and more, including a lengthy conversation with a very sleepy . (But man, I really need to get me a full-blown professional massage. Marathon sessions do bad things to my back.)

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