cognitive dissonance

Yesterday, heading up to SF for dinner with jaylake, zellandyne, and a variety of other people whose LJ usernames I did not catch because they were all new acquaintances, I had an odd bit of cognitive dissonance.

Drive to Millbrae, park, wait around on the platform. Get on Caltrain. Sit down, pop in headphones, stare out the window —

And I’m in England.

Because, according to my subconscious, England is the only place in the world with trains. Or at least the only place I ever ride them. Ergo, if I am on a train, I must be in England.

My subconscious thought this was perfectly acceptable logic.

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  1. footlingagain

    A propos of nothing much, except the fact that I’m in England, just thought I’d let you know I’ve added you to my f-list. Disgracefully late, I’m afraid, since I ‘met’ you in my first round of Ni90, which was officially the second ever round, I think.

    But there we are. Better late than never, I hope 🙂 Great blog!

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