morning linkery

(Quick question: I’ve told Livejournal that I’m in the Pacific time zone, via my profile, but it keeps time-stamping my posts for Eastern. Where do I fix that?)

A variety of amusements from my morning webcrawl . . . .

First, behind the cut: one of the more original book-promotional videos I’ve seen. Successful? Who knows. But the Little League team and the retirement home folks are brilliant. (Via Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.)

Less funny, more touching: from , a translation of a brief Croatian comic. (Somewhere in the cosmos, that bookstore exists. I must believe this.)

And finally, having followed through on all those things, find where you are on the chart. (Via anghara)

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  1. kendokamel

    What time does your computer’s clock say? My LJ posts always match whatever time the clock on my computer says….

  2. juushika

    Incorrect time stamps have been an ongoing problem in communities—I haven’t heard of it affecting personal journals as well, but I’d not be even the tiniest bit surprised if it were.

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