special landmark

I finished revising Part Two last night (in a marathon session made possible by the fact that it’s been revised once already), but here’s the real landmark:

I’ve killed a pen.

Yes, dear readers, I have taken so many notes for this novel that they have single-handedly killed a pen. The thing was new when I took it to London. But in the midst of scribbling down some details about how the wells and conduits in the City were running dry in the Fire, I noticed my ink doing the same thing. So we just took a break to walk to the store and buy a new one.

(Because I couldn’t just go to the ammo box and pick out another. Why? Because our stuff isn’t here yet. But the latest forecast is that it should be arriving tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.)

I’m just hoping I don’t run out of notebook before I’m done. That would be very inconvenient.

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  1. dawn_metcalf

    Alas, poor pen, we knew ye well…

    At least it gave its life to the cause. Go you!

  2. zellandyne

    You live near me now. This calls for some form of deviltry, perpetrated by us upon the local area… When are you around/free/interested in taking a break from adapting to the new place?

  3. d_c_m

    I’ve killed a pen.
    There is a part of me that wants to give this pen a proper and honorable burial. There is a part of me that salutes your notetaking (’cause I really can’t wait to read the sequel). And there is a big part of me that feels your pain about your stuff not yet being with you.

  4. mythusmage

    Will Death to Bics be added to your list of titles?

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