and there goes the benchmark!

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. Tonight’s work was supposed to be a particular scene, which would take at least my 1K quota to finish.

2,411 words later, the bloody thing is done at last.

I didn’t think I would reach 80K tonight, what with being over 2K away from it. Well, hello, you novel-thing you. We’re still a long way from the end, but 80K is traditionally minimum real novel length, so the number still looks a little magical to me. Crossing that line means we’re approaching the end. (Even if it’s still 50K away — which I hope it isn’t.)

Oh, and that’s with having skipped over one bit, because I’m not sure what to put in it. Dear Merlin: no, you cannot be in this book. Please go away.

Word count: 80,277
LBR quota: Blood. And how.
Authorial sadism: The funny thing is, Lune believes that was less mean than the alternative.

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  1. kendokamel


    (And I’m still checking on how many boxes I can get you! (; )

    • Marie Brennan

      If you could drop off even one or two in the near future, that would be great; I’m presently stalled on book-packing due to lack of not-huge boxes.

  2. diatryma

    Thank you for not including Merlin. I burned out on Arthuriana, especially stealth Arthuriana.

    • Marie Brennan

      He really doesn’t belong in here. He’s just the first individual out of folklore I could think of who fit a particular qualification. I shall do research, and find someone more appropriate.

      • diatryma

        Merlin brings baggage, and a lot of it sucks. I look forward to Not Merlin.

        • Marie Brennan

          Exactly. If this were at a different point in the book, it would be funny for the character in question to show up all white-bearded and robe-wearing, have everybody blink, and then the plot moves on and never talks about him again. But this is not the right moment for humour of that kind.

  3. d_c_m

    Dear Merlin: no, you cannot be in this book. Please go away.
    Hmmm…. sounds like a new book is niggling at the back of your mind. 😉

    • Marie Brennan

      No, not at all. Just that I hit a point where I thought “okay, now I need somebody who’s been imprisoned” and my brain, lacking anyone else immediately to hand, said “Merlin!” and the rest of me said “NO.”

      Fortunately, I have several big fat books of folklore to provide me with alternatives.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, if Ireland isn’t too far away, there’s that dude with his army under the hill in the land of Unicorns, chairs with back, and weird little gnomish graveyard caretakers. I’m sure I still have a picture somewhere.

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