Historical serendipity strikes again. I chose Antony’s ward more or less at random; basically I decided to put him on Lombard Street, which meant either Langbourn or Candlewick, and I chose the former. Turns out — if I’m correctly translating from a modern map of ward boundaries; King William Street wasn’t there back then — the first City plague death in 1665 was in Antony’s ward.

I should double-check this in Stow, but not tonight.

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  1. neutronjockey

    …and what makes this even more awesome is the time stamp on this entry. 😀

    My kinda hero!

  2. unforth

    I love the historical serendipity factor – I just had one too (I get to have Eleanor Roosevelt in my book!), they’re the best, because people can be like, “you shouldn’t have changed X just for your story…” and you can turn around and be like, “but I didn’t change X, that actually happened!” and thus you win. 😉

    • Marie Brennan

      For me, it isn’t the change thing so much as the thrill it will give to anybody who happens to know that tiny bit of history, when they see that piece fall into place.

      • unforth

        I love knowing that if someone gets interested in something we say in this kind of book, and they look in to it, they’ll have so much more they can learn, and also a greater appreciation of how much work we as writers put in to such things.

        Ah, what’s best is that it’s reminding me why I loved history to begin with. Being a history major almost managed to take that from me completely…

  3. greek_amazon


    I just thought I’d let you know that I spent today reading your book ‘Warrior’, and I thought it was fabulous!

    Also, I’m going to friend you. Hope you don’t mind.

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