street date, and icon needed!

Things have been so crazy-busy that I haven’t said anything about this before, but today is the street date for Warrior and Witch (the novels formerly known as Doppelganger and Warrior and Witch). Not that this means much, since they’ve been on shelves in many places for the last week or more, but y’know. Anyway, I highly encourage obsessive-compulsive tendencies toward completism, so go buy the new editions, to go along with the old!

Can anybody make me an animated LJ icon that shifts back and forth between the new covers? I’d like to have one all-purpose icon for that series.

Edited: Many thanks to jimhines for the timely satisfaction of that request.

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  1. jimhines

    Give me five minutes?

  2. sartorias

    These are totally going on my “get” list.

  3. dr_whom

    …So, why the title change?

  4. milbrcrsan

    I’m definitely going to look into it. I loved the books so much, so why wouldn’t I? 😀 :p

  5. ceosanna

    Hi there! I was pointed in your direction by a . Since I’m a fan of your fiction, I added you. I mostly the lurking type (only without the stalking), but I wanted to introduce myself since you asked so nicely on your user info page.

  6. calico_reaction

    This is pitifully late, but I just finally got around to reading WARRIOR AND WITCH, so I posted the review in my LJ, if you’re interested:

    Cheers! 🙂

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