Survived Day 1 of Conestoga despite getting up at 4 a.m. for my flight (having gone to bed after midnight, with only middling success at that whole “sleep” thing). Even managed to get 1099 words tonight.

Yay for Jack pov, at last. Yay for Antony’s wife getting to do something important. And if that scene doesn’t quite find the right note for resolving a certain problem, well, I can fiddle with it when I have functioning brain cells again.


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  1. daydreammuse

    Congrats on surviving!

  2. lady_puck9999

    Hi! I have just friended you, and as per request, am leaving a little comment to introduce myself. Diatryma (that’s her user name on LJ), one of the staff members at Alpha (F/SF/H young writer’s workshop) told me to read your journal, and so I am!


  3. neutronjockey

    Hi Marie,
    Jeff from Conestoga. Absolutely enjoyed your panel talks and your hyper-intelligent presence. I think I mentioned I scored a copy of Midnight Never Come from the raffle give-away; really looking forward to reading it.

    • Marie Brennan

      It was great meeting you, too! Things like our Cheesecake Factory invasion are what I love best about cons — the fabulous conversations over food, with people who know all manner of fascinating things.

      • neutronjockey

        …yes, the unfortunate side of things was a cheeseburger on french bread. *headdesk* But, that was the worst part of the con.

        It was good to meet you. I like having more than just a name behind a novel.

  4. sarahtales

    It was awesome meeting you at Conestoga – you, Melissa and your faery folklore almost made me collapse with relief and weep with joy at the same time. (Panic inspired by panels, what panic inspired by panels?)

    And yay for writing!

    • Marie Brennan

      That panel was hugely fun. (And Melissa and I may end up doing Round Two at some point; I think we both made the other think of a million squillion other things we wanted to say about faeries, but we didn’t want to hijack the discussion completely.)

      I still say we need the Coalition of Brennans panel someday.

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