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These things have been piling up, so . . . .

I answer six questions for Jeff VanderMeer’s Amazon blog. Some of them are standard. Some of them are very much not.


Doug Knipe, Sci-Fi Guy, liked the book.

So did Graeme Flory, though he felt a bit overwhelmed by the historical detail.

By contrast, Emily Huck didn’t see much actual history in it, at least in the sense of specific events. (She will find this flaw remedied and then some in the next book, if she picks it up.)

Gayle Surrette of SFRevu forgot to take review notes while reading, which is encouraging.

Matt Staggs of Enter the Octopus thought the ending was a bit rushed, but liked it anyway.

Kathy, the Oklahoma Booklady, gave it 4.5 out of 5.

fhtagn read it side-by-side with The Queen’s Bastard (which I blurbed) and liked it. Go Elizabethan fantasy!

And more good things from Aliette de Bodard, who’s the first person I’ve seen peg it as a secret history. (Which is how I view it — that and “historical urban fantasy” are my personal labels for it. Which answers a question in Graeme’s review, I suppose.)


I’ve gotten way fewer e-mails about this book than I did after Doppelganger came out, but many more reviews, both professional and casual. Interesting.

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  1. Anonymous

    I just wish it would have lasted longer – it was over sooner than I wanted. Great read!!!

  2. gollumgollum

    Your final answer to the final question of the Amazon interview made me laugh out loud.

    In the middle of a very quiet PCU.

    Thanks. *grin*

  3. sora_blue

    …I would have emailed, but I got all my questions answered by following the blog. 🙂

    OH! There is something I can mention, I gave a copy to a friend for her birthday and that made her happy. She’s been looking forward to reading it.

  4. daydreammuse

    I think you forgot the review by Robert at Fantasy Book Critic.
    The book sounds something amazing after I read your interview at the same blog. Good luck with future ideas.

    PS: I once asked about a month ago about the possibility of a review copy. *looks down at his feet* Can I have one please? Even in e-format. Please. I want it more than chocolate.

  5. scifiguyx

    Thanks for the link. Love your work. Looking forward to the next Onyx Court novel and will do more reviews. You’re always on my Amazon wishlist.

    • Marie Brennan

      Thanks! When I’m lost in the wilds of the middle of a draft and the end seems so very far away, it helps to know folks are looking forward to it. 🙂

  6. fhtagn

    Well, I read borrowed copies of the Doppelganger books and enjoyed them, which is why Bear’s recommendation didn’t really require much to make me buy Midnight Never Come. Possibly a combination of a growing reputation and (admittedly this last is just my observation) the fact that urban fantasy seems to be growing as a genre whilst more traditional fantasy worlds (ie. wholly divorced from our own) are failing?

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