This article explains so much of my condition these days.

I have been up for three hours, but I have yet to make it out the front door to run the errands I need to carry out today. Deciding on dinner is hard, and what’s easiest tends to win. I spend my free time reading mindless comfort books, and have no social life because making that happen requires decisions, and those take energy.

Could this be because I spend my days organizing and packing the house (and doing things like picking a moving company) and my nights writing a brain-intensive book? While also trying to assemble enough of a committee to walk out of here with my master’s?


It doesn’t fix the problem to have scientists tell me “you’ve got a limited amount of decision-making capacity and it gets harder the more you do it,” but it makes me feel better about being a lazy slug for whom picking which Netflix movie to watch seems like an awful amount of work.

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  1. d_c_m

    For what it is worth, I know exactly how you feel and I’m not moving.

  2. gollumgollum

    Wow. That explains a lot about why i’m such a lump in the day – and often days – after i work. Nursing is constant choice-making. Twelve hours at a time. And it’s got the added bonus (ha) of having a lot ride on it – the choice to treat/not treat a blood pressure now may result in adverse effects later, so i want to make sure i do the right thing.

    No wonder i’m such a zombie by the end of the day. It also explains why i’ve felt so wiped out after the last six weeks with wedding and work stuff, when i haven’t been able to explain what i’ve done that’s been so damned tiring. Huh.

    • Marie Brennan


      (Also, you just put all my decision-making into perspective.)

      • gollumgollum

        Awww. I wasn’t trying to pull rank there. More happy to have a good excuse for why my house isn’t even remotely clean. (;

        I wonder if that’s why housework can get so overwhelming – if it’s bad enough, there are so many decisions that need made…

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