2896. Because I am very bad at stopping in the middle of the ‘splody. And then another 39 more, because I’m also bad at stopping 37 words short of my next benchmark.

Well, I wanted to hit 60K before Conestoga. I just didn’t mean to do it tonight.

Wordcount: 60002
LBR quota: Blood. It goes well with ‘splody.
Authorial sadism: Well, I had to come up with a reason they couldn’t just solve all their problems that way.

Favorite bits: Yay for crispy moths, conveniently timed changes in the lieutenancy in the Tower of London, curious horses, cameo appearances by Scottish fae, and knowing that particular peep has your back.

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  1. chrisondra

    I must say congratulations on reaching your milestone! I have a difficult time stopping at all when I’m writing. It makes writing anything longer than 10-15 pages or so pretty annoying. I can do it, but I don’t like it, even when it comes to academic papers and the like.

    • Marie Brennan

      I tend to operate on a quota and make myself stop once I have it because that gives me time to think more about what happens next. Charging ahead and writing everything in my brain usually doesn’t result in as good of a story.

  2. fhtagn

    Because this seemed as appropriate a place as any – I just finished Midnight Never Come and suggested passing on my appreciation. It’s a small world, but with some good books.

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