I promised you a goodie . . . .

So the auction (which has raised over forty-three thousand dollars, at last count — good god!) included an offer from the inestimable yhlee: an original music composition, to a prompt of the buyer’s choosing.

I jumped on the “Buy It Now” price like a rabid weasel three minutes after the auction opened, and chose as my prompt . . . the Onyx Court series.

That’s right: my books now have a theme song.

Want to hear it? You can download the recording from my website. (Right-click and save, natch.) If you would like to hear the early draft, that’s available, too. Share as you please; just make sure to credit Yoon Ha Lee as the composer and artist, and my series as the inspiration.


This seems as good a time as any to mention my policy regarding fan work. It hasn’t really come up yet, but someday it might, so for future reference, here’s my stance.

If you want to compose your own music, or draw some art, or write a story, or whatever, based on Midnight Never Come or anything else of mine, then so long as you aren’t using it for commercial purposes or trying to lay claim to the original work itself, I say have fun.

If commercial profit comes into the picture (you’re a musician who wants to record the song on your next album) or you might be stepping on the toes of a right reserved in my contract (a student film), then please contact me so we can work something out. Even if what we work out is just a thumbs-up to whatever you had in mind in exchange for a link to my site, it’s better to make that clear. I’m unlikely to object or to charge you some exorbitant fee. (Unless you’re a major Hollywood studio, in which case I’m getting a media agent and instructing that person to take you for all they can. (I should be so lucky.))

In the case of things like music and visual art, I’d be flattered if you let me know this is happening. If it’s fanfic, I’m unlikely to read the work in question; legal twitchery aside (what if you write something and then someday I use a similar idea?), it would probably just hurt my brain to see other people’s takes on my characters. But I do believe that fan work is a sign that readers are engaged with the story, so I don’t mind people playing around with my ideas. If you feel so inspired, then by all means, go right ahead.

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  1. wingstodust

    Wow. The fact that you have a theme song for the Onyx Court is so, so incredibly cool. XD

    *waves* Hi! Erm, I’ve been lurking around your eljay for a while… First saw you at and saw the blurb for Midnight Never Come and was immediately intrigued. I friended you to remind myself to read it when it comes out. So yes… Last week, I finally found the time to run of to the local bookstore, read it, and wouldn’t shut up about it to my friends for days. XDD I loved the political intrigue, the whole backstory, and the interactions between Lune and Michael. ^^;; I didn’t know how to tell you how much I liked the book before, but this post, which is specifically about MNC, seemed like a good place to give my compliments.

    Am looking forward to And Ashes Lie!! XDD

    • Marie Brennan

      I adore music, so the chance to get some written just for me was too good to pass up.

      Glad you liked the book! It’s probably my favorite novel I’ve written yet, so it’s great to hear from readers who enjoyed it.

  2. sora_blue

    I was going to have a go at making some Fae jewelry. 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      I thought about mentioning jewelry; I could see somebody doing really pretty work with black and silver and crystal. And that goes far enough in the field of “derivative work” that I’ve got no problem with people turning my novel into a necklace!

  3. anima_mecanique

    As a long-time fandom denizen I think your policy is very sensible 🙂

    I saw your bid at the livelongandmarry auction and I was wondering if that’s what it was for. I didn’t even know about the fan auction until a friend of mine linked it (she’s selling dolls and fanart/fic)…if I’d known about it, I might have offered some jewelry or something. Ah well.

  4. leatherdykeuk

    What a beautiful, haunting theme song.

  5. khet_tcheba

    OOOOH. Ominous and just slightly off – I like it!

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