status of fiery things

Amazon UK has an item listed called Midnight Never Come: And Ashes Lie: Bk. 2, which apparently is 384 pages long and coming out next June.

I would like to know where they buy their crack.


Apropos of that, though — today my editor gave the go-ahead for this book to be longer than the last one, because I feel like I’m short-changing my own story, trying to cram it in too small of a sack. The pros reading this will have already leapt ahead to the immediate corollary concern, which is what that means for my deadline. Answer? Heck if I know. I intend to still make it.

I’d better, if the book is supposed to be out by June 4th . . . but they’ll have to shrink the typeface to get it on 384 pages.


Also, I just spent ten minutes wandering around my house trying to find the reference book I needed. That’s the Royal Exchange, that’s Pride’s Purge, that’s Whitehall, that’s the wrong book on Westminster . . . . I think one of the next packing stages will be clearing off the bottom shelf of my research bookcase and letting these books just annex it already, because the piles around the house are getting stupid.


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  1. jimhines

    “I would like to know where they buy their crack.”


    • Marie Brennan

      Srsly. The pub date might be right, if the UK office intends to bring it out simultaneously with the US release, but the rest of it?

  2. sapphohestia

    Time machine? Perhaps you’ll be doing a lot of cutting when you get to revisions? Amazon cannot be wrong! :p

  3. sora_blue

    For a moment I was going to point out that can see a YEAR into the future, until I realized that our current month is July.

    My guess on their dealer: a psychic.

    • Marie Brennan

      It’s the title that gets me more than anything.

      Okay, that and the utterly arbitrary page count. It isn’t even the page count of either edition of MNC, which might make some sense.

  4. owldaughter

    At least this is an encouraging sort of thing. I once had a bookseller tell me that according to their software my next book had been canceled. “Ha ha!” I said, “That’s silly.” And then, because I am an author and we’re all insecure about that sort of thing, I e-mailed my editor… who felt awful that I’d found out that way, because she was storming offices trying to make them reverse the decision made that very morning before she contacted me that afternoon.

    (She got them to change it from ‘canceled’ to ‘rescheduled’, bless her. And I totally understand her need to have something more positive to tell me. “They canceled it but I got them to reschedule” sounds so much better than “It’s canceled, I’ll see what I can do”. And the odds of me walking into a bookstore and saying I’d sign their stock, and them looking me up on Ingrams while I was there, on the very morning the Higher Ups had made their decision and pushed it through the system… just a very, very bad coincidence.)

    Loved Midnight Never Come, by the way. Gobbled it up in two nights. Delicious. Terrific characters and lovely atmosphere.

    • Marie Brennan

      Yikes. That is a rather profoundly horrific story! But good for your editor, being willing to fight.

      Glad you liked the book!

  5. jewell79

    Oh yes, the book piles…the TBR pile, the ‘want out for reference’ pile, the ‘just read and may want to read again before it gets lost on the shelf’ pile, the ‘that one annoyed me so much I just threw it under my desk’ pile, the recipe book pile, the ‘started and will finish it one day’ book pile, the ‘I will take these to the charity shop’ pile, the ‘books I think my partner might want to read’ pile…How do books pile themselves up in such a a haunting way?

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