rambly goodness — I hope

I’m all over the internets today — my usual SF Novelists post, this time on the notion of “hard fantasy,” and a more open-ended piece on FFF about romances with a big age gap. Come on by and toss in your two cents’ worth!

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  1. ninja_turbo

    Commented on the Hard Fantasy bit — I’d do so here, but commenting there seems like it’d be more useful and conversationally generative.

    • Marie Brennan

      Indeed — I prefer people to comment on the original post, since discussion tends to roll better when it’s centralized.

      I’ll have to wait for your comment to be rescued from the moderation queue, though; everybody’s first comment on the site has to be approved, and then after that you’re fine.

  2. mojave_wolf

    I just signed up to watch fangs/fur/fey, but am somewhat unsure about commenting there as being a non-author (or at least never published except for magazine/newspaper stuff long ago that was non-fiction and in small places, and paid but not produced screenplay wise and that wasn’t even in this decade, and haven’t been trying for years so not a writer anymore even if I might once have called myself one?)

    It was funny that you posted this right after I made a post in my journal Sunday that included the phrase before we went out we ran into each other at a pool party and I was all thinking Kathy’s younger bratty deliberately annoying little sister was suddenly ***OMG WOW OMG BEAUTIFL HOT WOW!!!***, which sounds so much like what you just said you found disturbing (I was reminiscing about things from when I was 17-19 , so not exactly the sort of gap you are talking about, but interesting coincidence).

    Anyway, dated someone in their mid 20’s when I was in h.s. off and on for over a year and stayed friends w/them after and considered this an overall positive experience except for the usual being highly sad and upset when getting ditched bit, and when I was 24 dated someone in their mid 40’s (I think, she had streaks of white in her hair and wouldn’t tell me her exact age, for all I know she was older) and someone who was a sr. in high school, more or less at same time, so I’m of the “don’t really get why the age things matters so much to people and think they are ridiculously uptight about it” school (tho I wound up finding as soulmate someone only two years apart, and we’re 13 and counting). Which will probably be a ridiculous minority there; will post be welcome there?

    • mojave_wolf

      eeks! bad typo under the circumstances

      we’re 13 years *married* and counting, that shoulda said. *g*

    • Marie Brennan

      Oh, anybody can comment; in fact, we want comments from readers! Please do go repost this over there, since it’s useful to have people speak from a real-world position, to contrast with all the fictional representations.

  3. desperance

    A propos of nothing much, except that yr SF Novelists bio says “Midnight Never Come” is still “upcoming”, and it reminded me – I saw the book in the wild two weeks ago, in Blackwell’s Bookshop in Oxford. Which is the bookshop I grew up with as my definition of what a bookshop was, and pretty much still my definition of what a bookshop ought to be. It’s all good.

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