Sweet gibbering monkeys, I thought Part Two would never end. 2549 tonight, and I’ve been batting well over a thousand for a week now in an attempt to put paid to this thing before I go to Minneapolis.

Antony’s way over on word-count. It’s his fault Part Two is over quota. But that’s a problem to fix in revision — somehow.

It came so very very close to “rocks fall, everyone dies” tonight. Or at least one character dying. But dropping the ceiling on him would have raised the question of why all the problems couldn’t be taken care of that way, so I had to use another method.

Two dead people in the first part; three in this one. (And one in the Prologue.) Will the number keep going up?

Word count: 45767
LBR tally: Blood. Blood, blood, and more blood.
Authorial sadism: This is one of those “all of it” moments.

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