no assassination today

Dear Readers of My Previous Entry,

Sorry, but the assassination attempt has been called on account of a) that scene doing enough other things already and b) me realizing what an idiotic tactical move it would be on the part of the would-be assassins. And since I want them to look tactically smart a little while later, it’s better to leave the targeted character alone.

But I wrote 1885 words tonight so I could finish that scene off and get through the bulk of an extremely pivotal scene following, so I promise you, there will be interesting things in its stead.

The principle quoted yesterday still holds, though.

Word count: 37118. I have a little less than five thousand words in which to do WAY TOO MUCH, and then Part II ends.
LBR tally: Rhetoric, with 100% chance of blood in the next few days.
Authorial sadism: Being given a chance to achieve the thing you really really want.

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  1. ormolu


    I saw a link to “Midnight Never Come” on Facebook and after reading through the website, I was further intrigued. Hence, here I am on your LiveJournal.

    I love your icon, by the way. “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead” is my absolute favorite movie. I see you like “Elfquest” as well – another of my early inspirations.

    Anyhow, I’ve Friended you and look forward to reading more in the journal of a working author. Take care!

  2. juushika

    Since I know you track reviews, I thought I’d mention that I wrote a review of Midnight Never Come the other day: on Amazon and on LiveJournal.

    I got my hands of the book as soon as it came in to the library, and I had a great time reading it. A lot of books promise great things and fail to deliver, but with yours I found both brilliant concept and skillful execution. It’s too rare to come away from a book satisfied. Anyway, I enjoyed it. Thank you for the great read. ^_^

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