uh . . . .

A sentence that really did just come out of my mouth:

“When in doubt, throw in an assassination attempt.”

Next year, when y’all are reading this book, and somebody tries to kill a character partway through Part II, you’ll know why: the rest of my plans for the scene just weren’t entertaining me enough.

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  1. zellandyne


    That’s awesome. Much better than, “When in doubt, toss in a painful flashback.” Which seems to be a very popular one….

  2. Anonymous


    Sounds like something Richard Hugo was supposed to have said in his poetry workshops. He told students to let the poem go where it wanted and “if things get slow, throw in a dinosaur.”

    Or another Hugoism: “Start in the middle of things. If the poem had started with the swan spotting Leda and getting an erection, Yeats would have been writing a report.”


  3. milbrcrsan

    (Oops, been a while since I’ve been around on the computer. Wrong button. :p )

    *laughs* That’s kind of funny. That’s exactly what I did in the novel I’m writing. LOL Though…I wasn’t in doubt, it was all apart of the plan to begin with. :p

    …speaking of which, as soon as life settles down, I really need to get working on it again. *headdesk*

    • Marie Brennan

      The doubt in this case stemmed from me not having planned out well enough what the next few scenes would be doing. Once I got that (via today’s reading), I decided a certain other thing needed to happen in this scene, instead of an attempted gacking.

  4. lilifae

    Scribbles down furiously: when in doubt…srsly?

    I am loving it and am looking forward to reading the follow-up.

    Also: compliments on the amazing Orbit competition – I entered, for the sheer fun of it! Absolutely stonking.

    Happy writing,


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