unfinished novel meme

We’ll only include novels for which either I have a fragment written, or they’re connected to books that have at least a fragment written. So it’s more an “unfinished and potential novel” meme.

Onyx Court books
Potentially as many as four more, taking us up through the modern day, one century at a time. Dependent on both business considerations, and me coming up with actual ideas for the later ones. Fragments written for #3 (Georgian) and #4 (Victorian), both untitled, but nothing more.

YA trilogy, books #2 and #3
This stuff really needs proper titling. Sequels to the YA book I completed earlier this year. Which has, at best, a placeholder title right now.

Untitled sequels #2 and #3 to TNFNASOTS.
Which is to say, The Novel Formerly Known As SotS, which needs a new title in place of that acronym. Near-future urban fantasy.

Prequel to same. Recent-past urban fantasy. With genetics! And an actual title!

Four Winds
Sequels to Sunlight and Storm, which itself needs a rewrite. Fantasy westerns.

Mediterranean Blue
The YA book I jokingly thought up as a justification for my honeymoon cruise, then realized it wasn’t a joke.
Mediterranean Gold
Possible sequel to same.

Behind the Shadows
Within the Dark
Beneath the Light
Originally this would have been called the “Midnight Falls” trilogy, but the presence of an evil queen makes that echo Midnight Never Come too strongly. This is me having a big ol’ argument with epic fantasy.

A Natural History of Dragons
In Darkest Eriga
Voyage of the Beetle
[something else?]
Jewels of Heaven
Collectively, “The Memoirs of Lady Treydon.” Pseudo-nineteenth-century pulp adventure fantasy. With dragons and natural philosophy and other such things.

The Changing Sea
Interplanar Flying Dutchman pirate novel.

The Iron Rose
Political fantasy. Also, the book I’ve been about to write “any day now” for years.

The Mother of the End #1, #2, #3
Pre- and intra-apocalyptic fantasy. That is to say, the apocalypse, she be going on right now.

untitled Book of Kells thing
Has nothing whatsoever to do with the Book of Kells. Moderately comic thief fantasy.

Second Troy
One of the two SF novels I will almost certainly never write.

[untitled space exploration novel]
The other one.

Will all of those get written? No, probably not. And there are fragments of other things written that ultimately I decided to leave off this list, because honestly, they’re never going anywhere — or if they do, I’ll be terribly surprised. Not every idea from my freshman year of college deserves to see completion.

Why is it that the odds of a project having a title form a bell-curve, with its center some distance out from the things I’m actually doing right now?

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  1. stevenagy

    I like acronyms for titles. Saves on the html coding for italic. However, I realized today it only works well with multi-word titles when I listed my unfinished books. 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      It’s habitual for me. As for one-word titles, well, Doppelganger got called DG — but that’s a compound word, innit?

      • stevenagy


        I got stuck with Shift — which loses something (perhaps the “f”) because it’s one syllable and defies the acronym gods.

    • Marie Brennan

      I could be booked for the next decade, easily, if even half of these got approved.

      • sora_blue

        I’m ok with that. *G*

        It always astounds me when people have so many separate bits and pieces going on at once. I’m still working at not putting every idea into whatever I’m presently working on.

        • Marie Brennan

          I don’t really have them all going on at once, though. Some of these are side-effects of novels I wrote a few years ago; others got brainstormed before MNC was approved. They get enough notes or bits of writing to “hold that thought,” and then they get shoved in a folder and left alone for a while.

  2. kendokamel

    Sounds exciting! (:

  3. kitsunealyc

    I take it that TVoT got the axe? I heard about a book on NPR the other day that made me think of TVoT. It’s called _The Shakespeare Riots_, and discusses Shakespeare as the pop-culture of 19th century American frontier, and the cultural process that rendered Shakespeare into high, stilted culture. It sounds pretty keen, and definitely like idea fodder.

    • Marie Brennan

      This list doesn’t include finished novels I’d like to see in print someday. TVoT, TWoA, and SotS are all in that category.

  4. daydreammuse

    Oh, is this a special meme? I want to link it and do it and tag people.

    I can definitely compete with you on the list of novels. I think I spent a year, while I was discovering my creative aspirations mapping my whole writing career. Hah! So many of my earlier ideas are worth nothing, but some of the newest have potential. *grin*

    • Marie Brennan

      I don’t know what you mean by “a special meme;” I just saw a few others do it, and decided that I might as well.

      • daydreammuse

        I have to do this one as well. I meant that the meme was special, because it wasn’t about reading and it concerned writing people, so yeah this was my logic. *grin* I am up to it!

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