on we go

I forgot to post my landmark last night: 30K down. Not quite halfway through Part II.

We’re moving into a bit of the book where, as I told ninja_turbo this evening, I would never dare make this shit up. Certain details would look too ludicrous, too over-the-top. But sometimes history really does that; truth, on occasion, is stranger than fiction.

Also more melodramatic.

Current count: 31,258.
LBR tally: All three, unexpectedly — though it’s a rhetorical kind of love.
Authorial sadism: Sending people to Hell!

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  1. diatryma

    Any examples of Daren’t Make It Up? I like to know these things– Cherie Priest’s journal had a few a long while back that I sometimes pull out as a reason to research.

    • Marie Brennan

      Alas, I don’t want to divulge this example, because it will be such an entertaining surprise (I hope). But to pull one from recent history: remember the Red Sox winning the World Series for the first time in 86 years (or 84, however many it was)? They came from behind, down 3-zip in the American League series, to beat the Yankees and get into the World Series in the first place — which no one had ever done before — and then the last game was played under a lunar eclipse. About the only things that would make that more ridiculously overperfect would be if the Yankees had been their World Series opponents, and it had been precisely 100 years. But a lunar eclipse? Srsly? I would never put that in a baseball story.

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