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Fighting Fantasy books with new titles photoshopped on — I think my favorite is the manticore, but there are many good ones.

Live Long and Marry — an LJ community gearing up to raise money to protect gay marriage in California. Currently people are listing items for auction; bidding opens July 1st. Looks like there are a hundred entries, some of them offering multiple items; use the tags to search for what you might like. You can get crafty items, critiques of your work, original art, slashtastic PWP mashups of your favorite characters . . . anything that might appeal to genre folks, it’s probably there by now. Or if you want to offer something yourself, that’s great, too! Full info on offering and bidding is here.

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  1. oddsboy

    Gah! Penis of a Vengeful God has me looking like a fool, like a fool in the computer lab!


  2. sapphohestia

    The books covers were AWESOME!

  3. diatryma

    Clash of the Genres!

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