cranky cat has moved onto resigned amusement

Less dilated this morning.

Which is not the same as “not dilated.”

Called the doctor, and they said that, oh yeah, it will probably take the rest of today for my eyes to return to normal. When I politely suggested they might want to warn their patients, the woman on the phone agreed and said she’s suggested it before. (I wonder how many of these phone calls she’s fielded.)

So I half-heartedly continue my imitation of an Italian lady, and thank god I’m at least capable of reading.

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  1. d_c_m

    So I half-heartedly continue my imitation of an Italian lady
    hee hee hee he eheeeeee!!!!

  2. lilifae

    I had to go through this a while ago AND travel on public transport…needless to say a well dressed business person with eyes to dilated they look stoned immaculate (to coin Jim’s phrase) gets a lot more stares and whispers than someone dressed scruffily. But wow, did it set the scene for the migraine of migraines – do take care!

  3. xmurphyjacobsx

    I am SO in sympathy with you on this.

    Even the regular dilation my eye doctors does lasts longer than usual. I have what he calls hyper-dilative pupils. My iris just about vanishes.

    This, for some reason, entertains my eye doctor no end. He says I look like one of those huge eyed kids painted on black velvet (from the 70s, in case you are blessed by never having SEEN one of the things. I remember them because a set hung my my doctor’s office when I was a kid. Yagh!)

    I already have super dark sunglasses, but those wrap around things they hand out after cataract surgery work, too.

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