one fifth down . . . .

Word count: 22843
LBR quota: This is a classic case of rhetoric collapsing into blood.
Authorial sadism: All of it? Antony’s on the losing side: neither Royalist nor Parlimentarian, but the voice of moderation. He’s doomed.

That’s Part One in the can. The good news: I found the books I need to make Part One 600% better. The bad news: I didn’t find them until I had written 99% of Part One.

But, well, Antony’s last scene here doesn’t suck. Yay! And I won’t have to rewrite all the fae-side stuff. Though I may have to adjust its timeline; I fear I may have to figure out a way to cut the Short Parliament out entirely, in order to make space for all the shenanigans of the Long Parliament. (Or rather, those shenanigans taking place between November 1640 and January 1642. All its shenanigans require far more wordage than this; it’s called “Long” for a reason.)

So that’s a fifth or so of book. What comes next sequentially is not what comes next chronologically, since I’m going to be cutting back and forth between periods of Civil War etc. and days of the Great Fire; I have to wait to write the Fire stuff until I’ve done everything leading up to it.

From here we go to 1648. I’m skipping over most of the actual Civil War because it happened almost entirely in places other than London, and in ways that I can’t very easily integrate my characters into. This is lovely, except that I kind of need to read the remaining 554 pages of this book between now and, uh, tomorrow’s work. And get another book and read that one too; who knows how long it is.

Why yes, I am behind on my research.

But onward we go, through the fog of civil war, and into what follows.

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