creative whiplash

I’m not sure whether to be amused or distressed that I game with a group of people who, confronted with a horde of zombies headed for Tiananmen Square, decide that the best of all possible responses is to show up with a tank.

Anyway, we just destroyed the center of Beijing — srsly, I’m talking flaming wreckage of the Tiananmen itself crashing down into the sea of gasoline-charred zombie body parts, bullet casings, shattered concrete, and dead PLA soldiers — and now I have to go write subtle, elegant politics.

My head hurts.

But wheeeeee, is over-the-top gaming fun.

0 Responses to “creative whiplash”

  1. eclectician

    Withers & Tingley?

  2. lordlothair

    So fabulous… but more fabulous if they had been flaming Neo-Victorian Zombies!

  3. diatryma

    Reading your gaming notes spoils me for gaming. I’ve only once or twice tried it, and each time… no gasoline-charred zombie parts or tanks. You have raised my expectations tremendously.

    • Marie Brennan

      Well, it takes a while to work your way up to that kind of stride, and not all games should be that over-the-top. But maybe you are surrounded by gamers with insufficiently large imaginations.

      • diatryma

        Rather, I am not surrounded by gamers at all. There’s a certain critical mass necessary to get a game started in the first place.

  4. oddsboy

    Yeah, there’s nothing better than having your character start playing Cash’s “Ring of Fire” while having a giant ring of fire erupt around you to slow the zombie horde in Tienanmen square.

    And then hurling pieces of the oil rig you commandeered at the zombies to knock them back into the fire. *grin*


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