Come one, come all!

I’m posting this publicly to cast as wide a net as possible, but it’s only of direct interest to local people (for a suitably broad definition of “local”).

Next week, kniedzw will be loading up the car and Going West, preparatory to starting his new job. I’ll be driving with him, to split the task, and say hi to Bay Area folks; then I’ll be flying back to write a novel, pack, write a novel, have eye surgery, pack, write a novel, pack, pack, go to a con, pack pack packpackpack and eventually move.

BUT! Before we do that, we’re having a going-away bash. Because I’m dumb and was also out of town, I didn’t get the clubhouse reserved, so this will be at our place. If you ever hung out with kniedzw, or gamed with him, or were fed baked goods by him, and want to bid him farewell, come on by!

WHERE: Castle N (e-mail for directions, if you need them)
WHEN: Sunday, starting at 6 p.m., going until whenever
WHY: Because you’re going to miss him
WHAT TO BRING: A la the Boggan Birthday Bash, I’d greatly appreciate donations of drink, food, baked goods, and assistance dealing with the aftermath, so that we can keep kniedzw from doing any of that himself. I’m damned if he’s going to host his own going-away party, even if it takes thirty of us to stop him.

Feel free to pass this along to anyone not on LJ that might want to come.

0 Responses to “Come one, come all!”

  1. unforth

    aw man, I wish I could be there to wash the dishes. 🙁

  2. squishymeister

    I’ll be there, and I’ll attempt to bring diabolical bean dip 🙂

  3. akashiver

    Just as I read this post, the light above me went out. I think this means something.

    I’d be happy to attend (though not to see K. go), and I’ll bring some baked goods to force-feed him.

  4. ninja_turbo

    I will at the very least swing by for a little while, though I’ll get one last pre-move dose of on Monday.

  5. danielmc

    sadly, i shall be in Dallas.

    but i will drop by to wish bon voyage before i leave saturday.

  6. sarcastibich


    I don’t think MIke and I can make it! We would have loved to, though.

    Damn. damndamndamn.

    • Marie Brennan

      Sorry to hear it! We’ll probably have one more shindig before I move in a couple of months, though. I know Kyle’s planning on coming back at least for that.

  7. kendokamel

    I’ll be up in Indy for most of the weekend, but I’ll be back by then… and this could be my chance to make that Cthulhu cake I’ve been meaning to, for some time!

    (Um, and… I forget which apartment is yours. All of my Knightridge friends’ places have blended together… )

  8. d_c_m

    I am hoping to be there. 🙂

  9. prosewitch

    I’ll try to swing by… bearing baked goods, naturally. 🙂

  10. unforth

    This is unrelated to this post – except for your choice of icon – my brother posted this picture of a certain castle and I of course thought immediately of you, and thought I’d share. I had no idea he’d been there! 🙂

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