kniedzw has been posting honeymoon pictures to Flickr, so I shall, too. These are my most interesting or artistic shots from Rome, Delos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini, Istanbul, Ephesus, and Athens; the Pompeii pictures are on his camera, mine having gone belly up the night after Athens.

You will notice some duplication between his set and mine; we had a habit of taking extremely similar shots. Which isn’t a bad thing: sometimes one or the other of us got a better angle or frame on it.

Special to Lymond folks: there’s a picture of the Topkapi Palace harem.

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  1. akashiver

    Oooh! You got to see the mask of Agamemnon.

  2. kendokamel

    All I can say is, wow!

  3. unforth

    Thanks for sharing, and for going to the trouble of labeling it all. 🙂 Awesome stuff!

  4. scottakennedy

    Thanks thanks thanks for the Topkapi Palace harem pic.
    *inner Lymond addict does happy dance*

  5. strangerian

    Ooom. Um. The Topkapi Palace harem (although I am please and delighted to have the visual reference, having journeyed there with Phillippa numerous times), looks to me remarkably, yeah verily, like a Methodist church. The only differences are (a) the barely perceptible lack of a cross on the top; (b) the very conspicuous lack of a signboard announcing This Week’s Sermon Topic and worship times, and (c) the hints of minarets peeking over it in the background. Otherwise, it has that New England Gothic look, sanctuary in front and meeting hall plus offices in back, absolutely pat.

    I don’t really know what to make of that.

    • Marie Brennan


      It looks less Methodist-y in person, or in better lighting, where you can see the entrance that’s shadowed in that photo. But I do see your point.

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