back on the treadmill

Time to bring out this icon again, as I get properly underway with AAL. Last night’s writing was like pulling teeth, but that’s the natural result of fighting jet-lag long enough to put the words down. (Normally I don’t have this much trouble adjusting, but normally I don’t have seven hours’ difference and a cold to overcome.)

1,132 today. And, resurrecting the LBR tally: all rhetoric, today. But more fun than last night’s blood, because a) I’m awake and b) the random alderman I picked out of the 1639 flock is coming out with lines like “The king pisses away money as his father did — though at least he has the decency to piss it on war instead of drunkenness and catamites.”

Now to clean up the downstairs so we have somewhere to sit while gaming.

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  1. matociquala


  2. unforth

    Are you gonna join us over in Ni90?

  3. anima_mecanique

    Catamite is like my favorite word ever. I don’t know why. You barely ever see it anymore, even in historicals, but it still crops up in fantasy novels once in a blue moon.

  4. diatryma

    I love that you picked a random alderman.

    • Marie Brennan

      Out of a book which the library stores in a box and which shed fragments of paper, some of them with print on them, all over me while I tried to page through it. I’ve read seventeenth-century manuscripts in better condition, and this thing was printed in 1908.

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