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  1. brian_ohio

    Oh! Am I jealous! Big Time!

  2. sacredchao23

    If you get a chance I would recommend checking out The Basilica Di San Clemente. It is just down the road from the Colosseum, and is my favorite place in Rome. Basically it is a 12th century Basilica built on top of a fourth century church which it turns out was built on top of a Roman public building and a shrine to Mirthas. You can actually go down into the excavations and through the layers of time. AND they are still excavating!

    • Marie Brennan

      Alas, we didn’t make it there — three and a half days to sightsee, with neither of us having been there before, meant mad dashing to all the major sites until we fell over from exhaustion, and we still didn’t see everything.

  3. shartyrant

    :::burns with envy::::
    One day…one day I will get to go.

    Glad your having fun. TAke pictures!!:::goes back to envying::::

  4. danielmc

    don’t ‘spoldy! is messy!


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