I really am this bad

You know what happens when I post two research book reports in one day?

I get into the sort of mood where I’m genuinely excited to discover that all the minutes of the House of Commons from the seventeenth century are available online. And that the IU Library has a book that lists seven hundred years’ worth of the aldermen of the City of London.

The sad thing is, I do have a life. And this is it.

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  1. metagnat

    That’s not sad! It’s just super-nerdly. Which is cool. I think you’re way more interesting than people whose lives involve watching “the real Orange County Housewives” and going to the Outback Steakhouse once a week.

    I think I may have just made those people up, but still.


  2. sacredchao23

    You may already be aware of this as well, but there is also the Proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674-1834. I’ve found it really useful.

  3. akashiver

    You should also check out:

    Early English Books Online – Contains every book published in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the United States between 1475-1700.


    ESTC – English Short Title Catalog

    Over 400,000 records for items published anywhere in Great Britain or its colonies or in English anywhere from printing’s beginnings (1473) through the eighteenth century.


    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    (One of my personal faves.)


    There’s a also British Periodicals (http://www.libraries.iub.edu/scripts/countResources.php?resourceId=2982066)

    Which I think starts in the 18C though. 🙁

  4. kendokamel

    It’s not sad, it’s quite awesome. (;

  5. mastergode


    For the record, I seriously <3 this post and its comments.

    It just serves to remind me that I am, in fact, surrounded by some awesome people. ^_^

  6. dsgood

    I’m on the American Name Society mailing list. I suspect some people there would be interested in the book which lists aldermen — and might not know of it.

    Author and title, please?

    • Marie Brennan

      Short form of the title is The Aldermen of the City of London; I’m giving it that way because I’ve actually seen different versions of the long title. Author is Alfred B. Beaven. I haven’t looked at the book yet, but if it’s what it seems to be, then yeah — it might be handy.

  7. mmegaera

    Er, I can tell you more about the history of the region that has become known as Yellowstone National Park than you ever wanted to know.

    Someday I may even be able to point you to an ISBN and say that’s why.

  8. d_c_m

    “The sad thing is, I do have a life. And this is it.”

    And I think it is a very cool one!! I admire your ability to absorb intricate historical detail and use it in your novels. 🙂

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