AAL Book Report: London Wall Through Eighteen Centuries

I know, I’m posteriffic today. But I’m finally making visible progress on research, so you get book reports.

This particular item, published in 1937, is apparently the most recent — nay, the only — useful resource out there for information about the Roman and medieval city wall. Which seems bizarre, but hey. It’s jointly written by Walter G. Bell, F. Cottrill, and Charles Spon, who took it in turns to write about the wall in various periods, from its first construction by the Romans to its demoltion through the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries.

The archaeologist in me alternately cringes and giggles at the gimpiness of 1930s research methods and the unapologetically patriotic tone of the writing, but it does provide me with a great deal of handy information, both for this and later books.

So for the 0.00001% of you who might need to know about the London Wall in excruciating detail, this is your book. (Unless the folks at the Museum of London are wrong, and there’s a better one out there I could have been reading.)

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