Twenty-First Century Gods

First session of ninja_turbo‘s Scion game last night. It’s well-timed; in the week we tackle the subject of race in my spec fic writing class, I find myself playing in the most multiracial, globally diverse set of characters I’ve yet joined in an RPG. Not “diverse” as in “we’ve got an elf and a dwarf and a halfling;” as in, white folks are a minority in this group.

Scion, for those who don’t know, is a game about playing the child of a mortal and a god in the modern world. Several of us decided not to assume that the gods would only stick to their own ethnicity and near neighbors. As a result, we’ve got the Greco-Swedish raised-in-Jersey Scion of Hades, the Greco-Macedonian (!) raised-everywhere Scion of Hermes, the mixed-Native American western drifter Scion of Thunderbird, the half-British half-Japanese Aussie Scion of Susano-o, and my character, whose father is the Aztec god Xipe Totec and whose mother is as mestiza as they come — on one side a Brazilian mix of European and African and Native, on the other side Japanese, because she’s an unrecognized Scion herself, of a Japanese god I have yet to determine.

We worked out backgrounds that had several of our characters running into each other all over the globe, and the whole group came together for the first time in Rio de Janeiro. I fully expect this pattern to continue, since the premise of the campaign is that we’re all ascending to godhood in our own right. And it’s fitting that twenty-first century gods should be global in such fashion.

Also: yay gaming. Haven’t had enough time for that lately.

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  1. oddsboy

    Heh, yeah, we are the quota fulfilling team. Now all we need is a parapalegic albino gay midget eskimo. *grin* Game, also, was teh awsomez.


  2. brigidsblest

    Scion is a hoot to play, and was even more fun to write for. Your game sounds fun as hell. (I play a Scion of Hermes in my own game.)

  3. kitsunealyc

    It makes me happy that this is the kind of group that would actually have the reaction I was going for with the Greco-Macedonian thing. Also with the birth caul.

    I love my friends.

  4. sora_blue

    Yay gaming!

    Of course they didn’t stay with their neighbors. Gods travel the world. (Plus, c’mon, Zeus slept with, like, everyone in Greece and half of Rome.)

    I nominate Inari for a possibility for you god of choosing, but I have an extreme bias.

    • Marie Brennan

      <g> I need to figure out the story of what happened with Magdalena’s mother, and figure out which god fits into it. That’s all percolating in the backbrain right now.

      • sora_blue

        And if you can’t find one, you can always make a minor one up. “God” is a very open word when it comes to Shinto. 🙂

  5. danielmc

    the weekly gaming keeps me sane.
    well, ish.

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