picture time!

Your tidbit for today: photographs from my research trip to London last year. You can start here, or browse the entire set.

It’s an oddly-balanced set of pictures, for several reasons. First and foremost, I can’t take pictures of 99% of the stuff in the novel because it isn’t there anymore. The best I could do was to photograph some stuff like what was there. But that got hampered by the restrictions against photography inside Hampton Court Palace and Hardwick Hall; those were some of the most informative places I went, but I have very little to show from them. Finally, I also took a great many pictures I didn’t upload, but they’re reference shots from inside museum exhibits, and between the lighting conditions and the necessity of photographing through glass, most of them came out very poor-quality. So my apologies for the odd skew of the set. But those of you who have never been to London will at least have a few mental images now.

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My publicist wrote to tell me the other day that [redacted: I think I was not supposed to report this yet. But it had to do with a review.] It turns out that isn’t the first review of the book, though. I got myself listed on LibraryThing as an author, and in exploring the links I discovered that two people have already reviewed it. One mixed-to-positive (according to that individual’s allocation of stars), one overwhelmingly positive. And then d_aulnoy‘s ICFA con report includes her reaction; she grabbed the book in ARC while she was there.

Seventy days to street date. It’s finally starting to feel like the book is on its way.

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  1. moonandserpent


    Congratulations on the positive word of mouth.

  2. sapphohestia

    Fun pictures! 🙂

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