Greetings from sunny Florida!

Yesterday I went swimming, then sat out in the sun to let my hair dry. *^_^*

I do so love ICFA. Even if it makes me get up at 7:30 in the morning to do a reading (and many thanks to the few hardy souls who came by to listen to us). Anyway, by a lovely coincidence of fate, my reading fell on the same day that I was planning to post my next excerpt from Midnight Never Come.

That’s the second part of what I read (and be sure to click past that initial page; there’s more to be had). The first part was, of course, the prologue; for the third part, you’ll have to wait a while, as it won’t be posted until shortly before the book comes out.

Which is far too long from now. <sigh>

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  1. mastergode

    Sigh. I wish I were there. I don’t think you read my journal, but things have recently conspired to prevent me from attending ICFA this year. =(

    Have some extra fun for me?

    • Marie Brennan

      I read sporadically, which is probably the worst of all worlds, since it means I neither catch nor miss things consistently.

      Sorry you couldn’t make it this year, but good luck with the house thing!

  2. elizaeffect

    I do so love ICFA.

    *intense jealousy*

    Maybe next year…

    • Marie Brennan

      I learned to spin poi.

      By which I mean, I smacked myself with a high-speed beanbag in every available body part including the back of my head.

      (One of the award finalists is apparently a beginner poi-spinner, and she had brought her practice beanbags. I learned a couple of simple moves, but it was getting too late at night for me to master the three-beat weave, and eventually I had to admit defeat. But one presumes she’ll be back next year . . . .)

  3. sora_blue

    But I want to know who he is….

  4. xmurphyjacobsx

    Oh geez, that means you’re not that far from me, and my good bud MissingVolume is roaming around somewhere near and not knowing it. Yet another year I didn’t go and this year it was even close by and I even got a heads up for the book room and…

    It’s a conspiracy. My house WOULD sell this week.

    Feh. I go pack another box.

  5. diatryma

    Here, I have seen the first evidence of daffodils.

  6. jesterjoker

    You might or might not remember me from a question about concocting unfamiliar names, but I’ve added you on to my reading list. At least, temporarily. I’m fickle like that. 🙂

    I love love all the research. I’ve been looking into everything around the Victoriana / British Empire… partly for a book project and part because it’s just that fun. You have a heck of a list of books. 8)

    • Marie Brennan


      Research is peculiarly addictive. When I started writing MNC, I was far enough along in my research that I thought, okay, I’ve got about three more books I need to read, and then I’m done.

      It stayed “three more books” for another three months, while the stack of those I’d read got ever higher . . .

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