This month on SF Novelists, I speculate as to what makes writers dream of movie adaptations, in “Stars in Our Eyes.”

Also, Daryl Gregory had a fantastic post yesterday about the process by which book covers happen, using the example of his own upcoming novel Pandemonium.

While I’m at it, too, I should mention that I when I posted recommending Goblin Quest by Jim Hines, I was under the mistaken impression that Goblin War, the third book of the series, was already out. It just hit the shelves recently, so now’s a good time to go looking if you were thinking of picking the series up. (Maria Snyder also just put out Fire Study, the third book in the series with Poison Study, so there are follow-ups to more than one of my recommendations.)

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  1. betsywhitt

    Fire Study hit the NYT Bestseller list last week, too – at #34, if I recall, so kudos to Maria! She’s a lovely lady and a great writer.

  2. shartyrant

    Goblin Quest, Goblin Heroes and Goblin War are all good. I have to admit the scene with the Goblin that had his….stuck up his… was my favorite. That probably sounds kinkier than it should, but I didn’t want to spoil it. Good times! Great gift for gamers as well. I should know, I gave one to my brother-in-law who rarely reads books and he adored it.

    Poison Study was cool. I got the second one in hardcover too. I still need to get Fire Study. Unfortunately, it is out in trade only which means it won’t have that awesome cover by the artist of the first two hardcovers. I enjoyed her books enough to buy HC which for me is the ultimate compliment I can give an author anymore.

    Thanks for the recommendations on your website. I enjoyed them. Especially the folklore one. 🙂

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