aaaand . . . . switch!

What’s obnoxious: writing 1761 words of a story and then deciding they really needed to be in first person, rather than third.

What would have been more obnoxious: making that decision even later, so I had to re-do even more of it.

(This is not, for the record, And Ashes Lie. It’s something else that I’ll talk about later.)

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  1. sora_blue

    It could have been worse, you might have had 20K, rewrote 12K, and then realized it ought to be in first person. 😀

    What we do to serve our stories….

  2. pale_blue_sky

    *nods* Yes, obnoxious indeed!

    Had a similar one where, trying to open a short story, got to about a thousand and a half words, then realised the story actually wanted to start at a later scene *sigh*

    Well, yes, I do agree with my muse’s suggestion, but having just ‘unpacked my case’ I then had to ‘repack’ and move on – what fun!


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