I have chosen my ICFA reading. And I’m getting good at eyeballing these things; my selection, when test-read, turned out to be twenty minutes on the nose.

For the record, everything in this selection will eventually be posted on my site as part of the teaser excerpt. But you’ll have to wait a while for it, so what you really want to do is get up at 8:30 in the morning on Friday to come hear me read it. Right?


Yes, that is officially my time slot. <sigh> Beggars can’t be choosers and all, but still — I’ll have to hope some of Alex Irvine’s and Judith Moffett’s fans stick around, or I’ll be reading to my co-panelists and Farah, who’s moderating.

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  1. d_aulnoy

    Assuming jet-lag isn’t kicking my ass too badly, I’ll be there ….

  2. difrancis

    I haven’t been to ICFA in awhile. I always really liked it. If you don’t know her, look up Jennifer Stevenson. She’s fabulous and fun. Did you ever go in Ft. Lauderdale? If so, will you report on the differences? I’d really like to know. I really hope I can get down there again.


    • Marie Brennan

      I’ve been going since 2003, so yes, I know the Ft. Lauderdale site well. It’ll be bizarre, attending in a different place.

      And I believe I met Jennifer last year, though since it was nighttime and in the hot tub, we weren’t exactly wearing nametags. <g>

      • difrancis

        Let’s hope that the restaurant waitstaff is better. Faster. The food better. Though I sort of liked the snotty restaurant staff. Couldn’t help myself.


        • Marie Brennan

          <g> Great icon for that.

          I’m looking forward to there being restaurants nearby, rather than that one crab shack twenty minutes’ walk away. They actually admitted last year that the lack of restaurants and other diversions was a selling point for the organizers during the early years of the con — it meant that people would be forced to stay around the hotel and interact with each other! But now that the con’s going strong, they’re willing to let us stray.

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