next tidbit: evidence of my insanity

I honestly meant to do this months ago, but only got around to it now. Which means that instead of doing it the easy and sensible way (noting things down as I got them, or at least while I still had them), I’ve had to recreate the whole mess mostly from the photograph I took back then.

Your MNC Countdown entertainment for today is my research bibliography. Not as exciting as the prologue I posted the other week, but hopefully useful to two types of people: those researching similar topics, and those wanting concrete evidence of my insanity. It’s as complete as I can make it, though I keep remembering and adding in odd books that weren’t on my shelf. (Plus there’s that one Marlowe book I just can’t recall. I can see it in the photo, but not well enough to make out the author, and the title on the spine unhelpfully says only “Marlowe.” Very annoying.)

Anyway, collating the list was interesting, because Jesus Christ I did more work than I thought. And that’s not counting all the random internet resources I never marked down.


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  1. faerie_writer

    Thanks for the list! Good reference tool. I’m growing quite a forest of Renaissance books myself. 🙂

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