tonight’s revision wisdom

Mistyping “brain” as “brian” creates much amusement when the character’s boyfriend is named Brian. At least in this particular sentence.


So, wow, tonight has not been going as planned, on account of unscheduled unconscious time on the sofa. But on the bright side, I’m getting my revision work done at a godly hour for once.

And when I’m done, I may even permit myself a small reward.

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  1. kurayami_hime

    I wrote my first rent check to Brain and ended up with a bottle of wine signed by the owner of the vineyard “to Brain.”

  2. tezmilleroz

    Reminds me of a Family Guy episode:

    Announcer: “Peter Griffin and his dog, Brain.”
    Brian: “Well, we’re off to a good start.”

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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