signature contest update

My publicist is making noises about providing prizes for more than just the winner of the signature contest, so if you were waffling about entering, that’s an added encouragement to toss your pen into the ring.

0 Responses to “signature contest update”

  1. unforth

    …enough to make me wish I had any calligraphic skill to speak of.

    • Marie Brennan

      I used to, is the sad thing. But even the first entry I got (let alone a couple of later ones) convinced me that no, I’m way too rusty to give this a try; even if I figured out how I want it to look, the result just wouldn’t have any fluidity and style.

  2. sassyjinx

    I’m not gonna try to do it by hand. Mostly because I would start thinking that it wasn’t good this way and would change it to that way but then that wouldn’t look good either so I would freak out and pull my hair out.

    Instead I’m going digital! 🙂

    I already have quite a few examples but I’m gonna see if I can get more before I email you.

  3. m_stiefvater

    So ahem! We know we can’t see the winning signature yet, but we at least want to know when you’re going to make up your mind! This is kind of exciting . . .I’m sort of envious that you got to see all of them. I want to look over your shoulder!

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