mini-contest! also emergency!

Now I need someone with calligraphy skills.

The challenge is this: e-mail me an image of Invidiana’s signature. Think sixteenth-century handwriting (see icon) as done by a cold, heartless, Machiavellian faerie queen.

I’ll pick my favorite and send it to my publicist. In return, you’ll receive a copy of Midnight Never Come, plus (if I can wangle it out of him) a contract written in period language, on parchment paper, sealed in wax, possibly with a raven feather, with that signature and Elizabeth’s written at the bottom. (It’s a promotional doohickey they’re putting together for the book, and if it turns out the way we’ve been describing it to each other, it’s going to look awesome.)

Deadline is 10 p.m EST tomorrow (Saturday). Sorry for the short notice, but this whole thing is happening very abruptly; they need to print these things on Sunday. You can send me a scan or a digital photo (if it’s steady and clear enough), or create it directly in a graphics program; whatever works for you. Address for submissions is marie dot brennan at gmail dot com.

I don’t know if there are enough calligraphy/good handwriting types here to make this work — turned out I know too few artists for the “Baby Got Back” contest to happen — but I’m hoping so.

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  1. tessagratton

    How fun!

    The link, however, is totally not working for me. 🙁

  2. azorielios

    I have something, but no camera – currently, at least. No promises, but hey – if anyone can sign like a cold unseelie noble, I’d like to think I could.

    • Marie Brennan

      If you can find anybody with a scanner or camera — failing all else, I suppose there’s Kinko’s, though I have no idea how much that costs — anyway, I’d love to see what you can do.

  3. sora_blue

    I have no calligraphy skills whatsoever, but I would very much like to play. 🙂

  4. sapphohestia

    Is she more of a green, blue, or violet ink type of person?

  5. kendokamel

    I pulled out my calligraphy pens for fun and sent you a couple of images.

  6. ombriel

    Is there anything else that needs to be included in her name, or just ‘Invidiana’?

    Also, does she have any color associations?

    • Marie Brennan

      Just Invidiana, though feel free to decorate it with suitably evil-looking flourishes.

      As for colors, she’s a black-and-white kind of gal.

      (Calling her “gal” just hurt my head.)

      • Anonymous

        This is excellent! It sort of makes me wish my writing had more fight scenes in it.

        I came here through action central. Thought I ought to let you know since I’m friending you. 🙂

      • Anonymous

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  7. dragonladyflame

    My friend Cate emailed this link to me. I’ve started being paid for my calligraphy work — are you reading, is it too late to enter right now? I could probably have it done within the hour.

  8. Anonymous

    1)You just came back from Florida. You don’t get to complain. Sorry. ;p

    2)Your thermostat has busted more than anyone else i know (well, except kniedzw, of course). Maybe the gods are trying to test you, or make you stronger, Ms. Delicate Southern Flower? *g*

    (Okay, so maybe i’m being a little mean. Here, have a Dean icon.)

  9. Anonymous

    Sounds like a fantastic day. 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    That’s very helpful — thanks! (My husband’s working in Foster City, surprise surprise.)

  11. Anonymous

    My favorite Crusie is Welcome to Temptation, and the reason may be germane here: it has a nice strong plot for both heroine and hero, and the romance happens in the process of each of them trying to manage the movie she’s trying to make and the election he’s trying to win.

  12. Anonymous

    For actual romance novels, you might try Eloisa James’s “Desperate Duchesses” series. Despite the awful title (and the even more ghastly cover art) and that they contain at least some of the irritating hornypants crap, they’re clever and interesting and in a lot of ways stretch the boundaries of traditional romance (the first book starts with the heroine falling in love at first sight… but not with, as it turns out, the hero. The second and fourth books both involve married couples essentially re-falling in love.) Georgian is not quite my era, but aside from a few dramatic bits they passed my setting filters okay. Loretta Chase is another Georgian romance writer I enjoy; less outright wittiness, slightly more hornypants, but she has flair and she makes me laugh a lot. In both cases they tend to have characters with differing — even opposite — goals that don’t involve each other in the least working around to a shared goal that they are working towards in a shared way, which I like.

    Thirding (I think) the Heyer recommendations; and I do like a lot of Cruisie. Plot-wise it’s definitely worth checking out the books she did with action/thriller writer Bob Meyer, particularly [i]Agnes and the Hitman[/i] — they balance each other out nicely.

    Other than that… hmm. I’ll think. 🙂

    (And thanks for the post, and especially for the term “hornypants”, which nicely sums up what turns me off about a lot of romances. My tolerances are higher but I suspect we have a lot of the same issues….)

  13. Anonymous

    I had a couple of those moments in the movie too. But not with so good a reason.

  14. Anonymous

    Have a wonderful time. I really loved my visit to Kyoto (we went when the worldcon was in Yokohama, and did travelling). Such an beautiful, historic city.

  15. Anonymous

    …It’s not more expensive than Golden Week or the new year, certainly? Just more crowded.

  16. Anonymous

    “This costume goes all the way to 11!”

  17. Anonymous

    I have a feeling that it’s to some degree an amalgam of several authors, but the description of her favorite themes and the format of her pen name made me think of CJC instantly.

  18. Anonymous

    Hmm… interesting thought. My first real encounter with the term “real life” was via live-roleplaying long before internet access was common where it was, well, not even straightforwardly descriptive but perjorative (which I can’t spell) in the opposite sense. It tended to get used alongside terms like “mundanes” and more recently “muggles” to describe situations and people outside the game and how they might intrude upon the game in an annoying fashion. I think I’ve tended to reserve it mostly for situations in which there is a distinct imaginary world in which I (or my character) is now doing something because of an intrusion of the real world which they would not otherwise do.

    I don’t think I would ever use it to contrast with socialising on the internet, let alone my day job (I’m an academic) but that may be very much an artefact of context and history. It’s always been important to me (and, especially online, I’ve found it can be remarkably difficult) to maintain clear lines between the real and the imaginary (particularly when interacting with other people) and to make it clear to those other people where those lines exist (otherwise you can have enmities and all sort of other minor issues spilling out of the game) so I think I’ve always found the term “real life” useful in maintaining those boundaries. But since socialising on the internet and my day job are, as you say, real (and if I’m mean to someone online (outside of a character interaction) then I expect to carry the can for that wherever I am) then they exist on the same side of the “real life” boundary as my family and physical socialising etc. etc. I wonder though if I’ve fallen out of step with usage and the old offline roleplaying usage has slipped into this wider terminology where it no longer serves the purpose of separating the player and player’s situation from the character and character’s situation.

  19. Anonymous

    I’ve not participated, but I’ve been reading a bit in some of my favourite fandoms – such a treasure trove of stories!

    Having poked around a bit after seeing this post, I’ve at least one guess for a story that might be yours – and if not, it deserves mention anyway, since it’s beautiful – ‘If You Have No Light’, for Cirque du Soleil’s Alegría. 🙂

    Otherwise, I have no idea. 🙂

  20. Anonymous

    As far as ICFA goes, it will simply be someone forgetting the effect of the time zone.

    But as regards night owls not wanting early morning slots, that’s an assumption too far on the part of some commentator, because a number of night owls don’t mind a very early panel. Then they go to bed.

  21. Anonymous

    I am enjoying the painstakingly researched historical details enough that the glacial slowness basically doesn’t bother me. <g> I get annoyed whenever we jump back to Daniel on the boat in the later timeline, because so far that hasn’t really gone anywhere (narratively or geographically), but the stuff in his youth? I’m eating it up with a spoon. 🙂

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