My brain has melted into goo, my spellinges maye neuer recouer, and I’ll be speaking in run-on sentences for the next seventeen years, by which time I may hope by the grace of God to have finished one . . . but I have a draft.

And if I never have to see the phrase “the said X” EVER AGAIN, it’ll be too soon.

I just wish I could see my publicist’s face when he tries to read this thing. He told me to get as Elizabethan as I could; I don’t know if he realized that meant using twenty-seven words where five would do, all of them spelled with extraneous e’s and y’s and a total disregard for the distinction between u and v.

There may need to be a revision of this tomorrow.

But that can wait for tomorrow.

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  1. sapphohestia

    Isn’t it a bit late for you and your publicist to be writing up a contract? :p

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