an open letter to my fencing teacher

Dear Barry,

You remember how you tried to teach us Olympic-style foil? And how you failed miserably to get us to attend to right-of-way, stay linear, and leave our off hands out of it? Until you just gave up and taught us rapier and dagger instead?

Well now, ten years later, I’m fighting rapier again — and I’m staying linear, forgetting I have an off hand, and behaving as if right-of-way somehow protects me.

Apparently your lessons just kicked in late.

But I’m sure that if you faced me and kurayami_hime off against each other, we’d still launch the exact same attack at the exact same instant and stab each other in the guard again, just like we used to. So the world hasn’t flipped totally on its head.

Hugs and kisses,
Your Token Righty

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  1. kurayami_hime

    I would second that assertion.

  2. m_stiefvater

    You fence, too? Sigh. I love you.

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