lessons learned

Yesterday’s writing lesson: when at a loss for plot, crash a car.

Today’s writing lesson: when at a loss for plot, I can always get Ethan and Val to fight.

I shan’t be at a loss tomorrow, because I know what to write.

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  1. mrissa

    Ethan and Val fighting over a car crash?

    • Marie Brennan

      No, Val’s head exploding.

      . . . not literally.

      I love writing in a genre where I have to be clear about that.

      • mrissa

        Messes me up for other genres, though, unless they’re clearly marked on the spine! “Her cameo came to life in the light” — really? Cool! Oh, wait, not really. Oh. Sigh.

  2. danielmc

    you didnt actaully crash a car yesterday? IRL?
    cause it was all snowy and stuff…

  3. sora_blue

    Yes, you can always get Ethan and Val to fight.

    …wait. We’re talking about different characters with the same names, aren’t we? (Damnit.)

    • Marie Brennan

      <lol> You have an Ethan and a Val, too?

      • sora_blue

        Yes. Well, short for Ethanael and Valentine. They’re those character that you get kicking around your head forever, and try to put in a few different things, but haven’t quite gotten to finishing the right one.

        Ethans and Vals are destined to fight. 😀

        • Marie Brennan

          Apparently so. Mine are Ethan and Valerynne, though in another couple of scenes I’ll be bringing up the fact that Val also has another name — one she’d really rather forget.

          • sora_blue

            Valerynne’s a pretty name, but definitely one of those names that would hated by its bearer. 🙂

          • Marie Brennan

            Oh, no — she loves that name, because she’s a trendy little sixteen-year-old.

            And her real first name is much, MUCH worse.

            But I’ll save that surprise for when the book actually comes out. ^_^

          • sora_blue

            It is a good thing there will be MNC this year to help me wait.

          • Marie Brennan

            Whereas I’m about to chew my arm off over that damn thing. How is it that I have page proofs now, and yet there will be no book until June?

            Seriously, my subconscious has gotten the notion that the book sucks and nobody’s paying attention to it. No amount of reminding it that the book isn’t out yet, and so of course there aren’t any reviews, will make it let go of that conviction. Because surely it came out two months ago, right?

          • sora_blue

            So the impatience of “why isn’t this on the shelves NOW?” never goes away? 😀

            How about thinking “The book is good, they’re just waiting until June to take full advantage of the summer reading season.”

          • Marie Brennan

            Not yet, it hasn’t. I’m hoping that a few years down the road, when I have such events going on more regularly, I’ll be less fixated on any given one. But it’s been a while since Warrior and Witch, and I’m really proud of this one, and why isn’t it June yet?

            But you’re right: it’s coming out in June because of seasonal positioning. And that is a good and valid reason — but it doesn’t stop me from chewing off my fingernails.

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