0 Responses to “Reason #27 My Family Is Cooler Than Yours”

  1. lady_jade_01

    They didn’t need to. I built mine this past summer.


    But cheers and happy hunting!

  2. sarcastibich

    they would have if I had asked. They might not get LARPing and Roleplaying, but they support it as my creative outlet.

    Mike’s mom DID get us a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Not a crossbow, but useful and cool none the less.

  3. ratmmjess

    Your family FTW.

  4. danielmc

    and they have range.

    hi neighbor.

  5. unforth

    Wow, that’s awesome.

  6. squishymeister

    Crossbows are better than swords for the zombie apocalypse!!! Right On!

  7. leahbobet

    Okay, your family wins at Christmas.

  8. hakamadare


    what kind? made by whom? pix plz kthxbye 🙂


  9. gollumgollum

    Reason #27 I’m Glad I Don’t Live At Knightridge… 😀

  10. sora_blue

    No… but I found out my friend is now that guy who sells swords to people in a House of Knives.

  11. kendokamel

    My family isn’t cool. They are just out of their freaking minds.

    But wowsers! That is a most excellent xmas gift!

  12. jenstclair

    Actually, my dad did give me a crossbow for Christmas. It’s an antique, though! 🙂

  13. d_c_m

    No. But I did get a gun cleaning kit. 😉

  14. d_c_m

    Oh, sorry forgot to add this earlier: Hubby got me a one-handed crossbow for one of our first Yules together.

    But then again, you probably aren’t surprised. 😉

    Oh and yes, your family is WAY COOL!!! And awesome. And fun too. 🙂

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